Security Solutions


With today’s cut-throat competitive environment, development and innovation are the key aspects. Leakage of vital data from such networks will produce chaos, embarrassment, and loss of name. In addition to this, it is substantive to have a workforce with the skills, dedication, and maturity on which the company can rely upon. However, it is difficult to assess how dedicated they are in executing their daily assignments.

Confidentiality exclusivity and a secure environment are the need of hour. Nuage Techsol with its best in class solutions, helps you prevent such situations. We take care of the needs of confidentiality and business continuity which allow you to manage and monitor the network activities in your organization and lets you enforce the preventive policies for reduction of any potential malicious activity.

Nuage techsol secures your organization from insider threats with services such as:

  • Document Security
  • Mobile Device Managment
  • Browsing Activity Analytics
  • Network Application Analytics
  • Web File Uploads Analytics
  • Email Activity Analytics
  • External Media Activity Analytics
  • Chat Session Activity Analytics
  • Productivity Analytics
  • Logging of the employee browser and application activities
  • Shadow logging
  • Screen-shot monitoring
  • Session logging of the employee activities along with the application or document name
  • Logging of the employee chat activities
  • Logging of the employee email activities along with Bcc and Subject



Security is one of the most important aspects of IT. It is of primeval importance to protect in formation system from theft or damage.

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Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices have revolutionized the way of conducting business. It has gained so much of prevalence that an entirely new field of m-commerce has emerged.

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Every day, companies generate gigabytes of data. Availability of low cost and highly efficient hardware makes it easy and feasible.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud is the most effective method for collaboration, internal and external data sharing and storage. It fosters innovation and improvises productivity.

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